This section is going to be updated constantly. Many more blurbs are about to come.

find out what people wrote about my work, wether it was colleagues, bosses or other artistst I met on my Design-Journey so far.


Cristina Lopera T. ( artist/founder of Vida Augusta )
In Vida Augusta we felt lucky to have been a part of Fabian’s journey. He is someone special and interesting as well as excellent at his job.

It is quite difficult to find people in which -without knowing them- one can trust fully to implement projects and share work space. Fabian was one of them.

He is extremely creative and dynamic but has also matured and developed throughout different processes and work techniques in way only few people do. For these reasons, I believe that his working results and outputs will never be disappointing.

What caught my attention most of all regarding his work personally, were his photographs: the simplicity of his images that are so full of atmosphere, character and content. These images are very suggestive and contain a subtle lyric, which continuously stimulates the imagination of the spectator.

Fabian’s work is very enriching for the projects he forms part of.

Robert Danks ( owner of Brik A Brak Colombia )
Fabian joined the team at Vida Augusta (of which Brik A Brak is part) and from day one like he was one of the gang. Very easy going and relaxed for a German, I guess thats a necessary skill for travelling around the world to exotic places and undertaking random assignments with diverse cultures & working styles. Fabian does everything with incredible attention to detail and as a fotographer has an intuitive ability to read the client, subject & environment and forsee how the fotos will evolve and develop. Perhaps not the most exciting assignment taking photographs of furniture, Fabian never once complained especially when part of his duty involved carrying the furniture down some difficult stairs.

I’d like to thank Fabian for all his assistance with the photographs for Brik A Brak. They will form an integral part of the style and branding of Brik A Brak in various media.


Daniel Castro ( photographer )
Fabian is a modern renaissance man. He sees poetry in people, in words and in the world around us, and shapes them into his own reality. I’ve met few individuals in my life that interest me as much and make me as curious about “what will he do next?” He’s a gifted photographer, designer, editor, writer and a citizen of the world in a way that most people would only dream. Over the course of working with, and subsequently traveling alongside Fabian, I feel honored to count him as part of my own life journey and to call him a friend.

Fabian is a man this capable of moulding his own destiny, and he’s doing exactly that.


Tina Fong ( CEO Amaze / Creator of AIMS )
“First of all, on behalf of Amaze International Model Search 2011, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to our dearest friend Mr Fabian Sixtus Körner for the effort and support towards our A.I.M.S 2011 model search.

It was a great pleasure to have him on our panel of judges. No doubt, it was a great choice and decision from the board. His name and his job titles had created so much excitement and curiosity to Malaysians. His professionalism and his experience has made difference to Malaysia’s Modeling Industry. Our team would like to thank this talented german friend for helping us to choose the BEST one for us.

Wish you all the best in your future, our dearest friend! We are missing you very much! Hope to see you again in Malaysia!”


Thomas Stevenson ( producer at Bedlam Records / artist )
“Fabian lives and breathes creativity, thrives on challenges and is always cheerful and happy in every scenario. These strong chartacteristics are what makes him such a pleasure to work with. We worked together for a month, creating music and just generally hanging out.
I had a fabulous time with the journeyman, and learnt a great deal from him. I would recommend the presents of a smooth dude like Fabian Sixtus Korner to anyone.”

Jack Whitton aka Junkyard Willy ( producer / artist / guru )
“I met fabian on the back balcony of our studio one day and immediately hit it off with discussions on music, visual arts and just general comparisons of the vast cultures he had experienced over his lifetime. he did massive amounts of work for the label and even recorded vocals and offered feedback on many of my own productions. He is an intelligent, funny, and charismatic guy who won over many friends here and hope to work and play with him in the future. Cheers for the good times!”

Duncan Campbell ( Director of Bedlam Records )
“I originally heard Fabians story through a friend whom he had contacted for accommodation on couch surfing. After reading his blogs and checking out his work I was surprised he hadn’t found an employer in Australia and jumped at the opportunity to work with him. The 5 weeks Fabian spent at Bedlam Records were an absolute blast, working on photos, video clips, music and redesigning our website. Fabians a smart guy who works hard, has an open mind and a lot of good ideas to contribute. I’m very much looking forward to having a beer and a laugh with the Journeyman when we cross paths again.”


Dean McNamee ( founder TROUBLE )
“Fabian is one of the most talented and versatile designers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Half architect, half graphic designer, half photographer, half filmmaker, and two halves dance machine. Most importantly motivated, dedicated, and fearless.”

Ria Rajan ( Illustrator and Artist )
“Fabian is 100% awesome. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time and do a project with him, during his stint at Jaaga. He is a talented, dedicated and focused person, who never loses sight of his chosen path. His story and journey is truly inspiring. I wish him much love, success and happiness, and wish to keep hearing about his adventures from around the world. ”


Priya Prakash ( College student / participant of my urban photogaphy workshop )
“I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have been selected for Fabian’s 2 week Urban Bengaluru workshop in April 2011. I got an opportunity to learn from the best and see my hometown from a different perspective. Fabian has inspired me to take up photography with passion and use it as a powerful medium of expression. During the course of the workshop, he helped me conceptualize and execute my theme successfully. It was great to be a part of the project with other photographers from the city under his guidance. The exhibition and Pecha-Kucha night in the end was a grand success as well.

Through his Journeyman stories and videos, Fabian is a fine example of an active global citizen. His work is very unique and recognizable in a crowd. Another notable thing that I appreciate and learnt from him is his style of personal branding – which is important for any person or organization in the creative field.

I wish him good luck and great success in his future endeavors. I’m sure that he will continue to inspire many more youngsters as me and strike a chord.”

Devendra Purbiya ( Photographer / participant of my urban photogaphy workshop )
“I came across this great human being named as fabian, when he had selected me for the Urban Bengaluru workshop at Jaaga. There are few people who change your perspective with the way they have been living their life. And Fabian is one of them.

His life as a journeyman is really inspiring. And his photography work is truly amazing. I got to learn a lot of things from him during his workshop. Also he is a very good leader/organizer. When it came to putting up exhibition after the workshop, at times he managed the whole stuff on his own.

He is a really creative guy, hope he inspires more and more people around the world. Kudos and all the best.”

Moksha Carambiah ( Graphic Designer / participant of my urban photogaphy workshop )
“Firstly, thank you Fabian, for selecting me to a be part of the Urban Bengaluru workshop at Jaaga. It was such a wonderful opportunity and experience. Not only did you encourage and help me through the whole workshop and the exhibition, you also inspired me.. with what you’re doing as a Journeyman and also just because you’re one of those people who jump in to life and do stuff! Secondly, thanks for moving my 100 million photos in and out of the rains and storing them!

You’re going to have a pretty incredible story! I wish you all the luck and I’m glad to have been a part of your journey.”


Aida Muluneh ( Director of Addis Foto Fest / Modern Art Museum / Addis Ababa, Ethiopia )
“It isn’t everyday that you meet individuals who are genuinely interested in traveling the globe with an open mind and a willingness to work passionately and honestly. I heard about Fabian through a random conversation that there was a guy in Addis Ababa who was willing to work and dedicate himself on a project. I knew I had to meet him, so our first encounter was to discuss the possibility of him helping with an exhibition that I was curating at the Modern Art Museum in Addis Ababa. It was a stressful week but like a true professional he worked long hours and produced amazing work for the inauguration of the Skunder Bogassian School of Fine Art and Design/Addis Ababa University. So the story goes, I knew that he had to be part of the Addis Foto Fest team.

I must say that, people like Fabian are rare and hard to come by. In fact, not only was he professional but he did his work on a level that I have not seen. We owe a great deal of the success of the AFF to Fabian. I know he doesn’t miss the late nights, working on yesterday deadlines and the many challenges we encountered. But, to me, Fabian is extremely talented and understands that in this world, if we are to change things, we all have to work together. Regardless of our geographical location or cultural background. Missing you dearly in Addis and welcoming you back any time.”

Thomas Tschiggfrey ( Production Manager of Addis Foto Fest )
“I wish Fabian all the best with other adventures in the coming year, in so far as they don’t prevent him from taking part in the second edition of Addis Foto Fest, where his contribution is highly anticipated !”

Emeka Em Okereke ( Photographer / Participant of Addis Foto Fest )
“I met Fabian during my participation at the at the Addis Foto Fest 2010, in Addis Ababa. He was one of the last members of the work team that I met on my arrival because I was told he was so busy and sometimes had to work from home, so his reputation preceded him because I got to see what his has done with the Foto Fest with his amazing talent as a designer. And as each day unfolds I see more and more of the outcome of his input, how he helped give an admirably professional face to the Festival through his graphic designs. When I finally met him, he was the coolest guy ever,very easy going despite being in a middle of a huge stress. He handled it all well. I also discovered his multi-talent, meeeeen, there are only a few people like Fabian in this world, and we all need such people. I too hope to work with this man who has made his journeys into an incredible social tool. I am tempted to call him a genuis, but even in his modesty, am sure he won’t want me to do that”

Dawit L. Petros ( Artist & Photographer / Participant of Addis Foto Fest )
“I was a participant in the inaugural Addis Foto Fest, 2010 as an exhibiting artist and Artist-In-Residence. This meant a three week stay in Addis Ababa in which I had the pleasure of working closely with those responsible for staging this remarkable Art festival. As with any event of this magnitude, there are those who work in the spot light and those who work quietly in the background. The latter, in my experience, ultimately determine the success of how things transpire. I was introduced to Fabian Sixtus Korner in the Foto Fest administrative office on my second day in Ethiopia. I was taken by his warm and generous demeanour. Fabian expressed sincere interest about who I was, what I did as an artist, and what I intended to do during my time there. And he was willing to reciprocate and share his travels and experiences. Over the next three weeks, most of our encounters were in that office, where I observed him work long hours. I was impressed not just that Fabian accomplished his tasks-often under difficult circumstances-but that he did so with grace and good will. This ethic was widely respected by administrators and artists. Parallel to these attributes, Fabian is a brilliant graphic designer who provided the festival with a highly professional public presence through internet, brochures, publications and a feature video that screened on large outdoor billboards throughout the city. The importance of these contributions cannot be over stated. The local and broader international art audience’s initial interaction with the Festival was through these modes of communication. If the Festival were to generate interest within these public constituents, it was imperative that its stated goal of achieving excellence be reflected in these public communiques. The festival far exceeded the expectations of many and it was a resounding success. Addis Foto Fest has shone an important light on the contribution of African artists in the continent and beyond. And it has used an east African platform to do so. Fabian has made an essential contribution to this ground breaking event and I remain grateful. I foresee many more invaluable contributions to those endeavours that Fabian commits himself to in the future.”

Sosina Shewangzaw ( Founder and General Manager of Belle Solution )
“As owner and manager of a Premier Event Planning and Project management firm and as professional involved in planning, organizing and managing events, most of my time is spent overseeing all aspects on the set coordinating all parties to play out their respective roles to ensure that the spot light is always focused on our stars to shine in the moment of glory they deserve.

As enjoyable as it may sound, behind the scene, we also have a tough and challenging task of issuing seemingly impossible deadlines, facilitating meager resources and expecting the unexpected from our talented support group who I feel consider us as demanding bosses who are always rushing things.

In all this rush, if you are lucky, you meet a person like Fabian, who takes things in his stride and impress you with the way he carries himself, sooth your worries with his kind and caring ways, and commits his time, intellect, amazing creativity, superior skill and endless energy to create magical graphic works that are born from a shared passion and emotional attachment with the Event that just lifts your spirit.

We owe our our professional achievements and the successful completion of our events to the Fabian’s of our trade and I just hope that there are more of them out there, as I have so far met Just One!!!!

God bless you Fabian and I pray for the day when we will be working together again.”

Andy Williams ( Educator & Curriculum Writer / Publication Director at Addis Foto Fest )
“During my one month encounter with this individual I was quite pleased to be working with him,on a job that required a time line which had to be pronto.
Fabian stepped up to the plate and delivered nothing but quality work during his residency at the Addis Foto Fest. His work ethic and interaction amongst staff
was always applauded during moments of intensity,and can be used as a prerequisite in any domain regarding graphics or various software tools needed in similar situations.
The words that sum up his character on the job would be productive,efficient,and well mannered.

I would be delighted to be a reference for this individual in terms of granting him the role as a complete team player.”

Mignote Makonnen ( Production Assistant of Addis Foto Fest )
“At the first festival I was involved in, Addis Foto Fest, although I did not know what to expect in the beginning, I was very surprised to have met so many wonderful people who came from different countries, different backgrounds, had different perspectives of the world and difference of opinions but only one thing had drawn me to them, their passion not only for Art but their passion for life. They were all speaking the same language, they were all filled with so much love and respect for one another, I met these artists a little later on, starting 3 weeks before the opening of the festival.
Although that was a wonderful experience, I was also very surprised with one of the team members I was working with. I don’t believe I have met anybody who had the talent, the degree of professionalism and the level of commitment that Fabian has.
I met Fabian about 5 weeks before the festival. He was very friendly, warm and polite, and his personality had not changed throughout the ups and downs of the whole process. His positive attitude towards work and people was very refreshing.
Fabian was the guy whom everyone counted on no matter what; he never complained about the amount of work that was assigned to him, his only concern was to give it a 150% each time. He always got the work done, more than was expected at times, regardless of stressful deadlines. He did such a fantastic job!

The thing that I liked most about Fabian was that as much as he worked on this project at the office AND at home, he always had time for people, he cared about his teammates, he was a good friend.
At least, that’s what I observed til the day we all said our goodbyes before he left for Germany. It was an honor meeting you and working with you Fabian.
I wish you ALL THE BEST, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

Yo-Yo Gonthier ( Artist & Photographer / Participant of Addis Foto Fest )
“It was great to work with you during this encounters, i appeciated very much the quality of your signature for the communication and the sharpness of your regard”


Marwa Singer ( Senior Executive Director & Board Member of DeBirs Yachts)
“Fabian Korner is a talented young man who was a delight to be around. His creative and artistic nature helped to re-design and develop DeBirs Yachts’ marketing material, corporate identity and overall brand image. It was a pleasure having Fabian at DeBirs during his Journeyman Trip and we wish him lots of luck and success in the future.”

Christophe Gerke ( Regional Sales Executive Europe and Middle East of DeBirs Yachts)
“Can’t tell you how great it was having my brother in the land of the pharaohs and hanging out!
If it was sneaking into the sportsclub in the trunk of a car, cooking sessions, hitting the beach and crashing waves or just our countless discussions and talks, I really had a great time and you definitely made a change during an intense time and I thank you for that!
Needless to say you are some creative brain and I am glad I had the opportunity of seeing you at work, doing your thing, living your passion to the fullest! You are one hell of a Journeyman! Keep it real, brother!

Last to say, I thank Fabsn Körner for opening up a part of me that I don’t think I ever knew,…. until now.
Good days, man… good days… Hope they will come back one day!”


Freeman Murray ( Founder of Jaaga )
“You brought great energy to this place. thanks”

Archana Prasad ( Co-Founder of Jaaga )
“It was super to have you around, and somehow in my head, you still are a big part of the project. You certainly left your ‘mark’ from re-designing our logo to the cool photos for the website and the 3D model that by-the-way we constantly use – and so we are reminded of you. Love the way you joined us and overnight became so integral to our work.

Long live Journeyman. And if ever he finds himself in Bangalore, there is now a real bed and very very real friends waiting for him. Come back soon!”

Eve Sibley ( Artist in Residence )
“Fabsn you are the best! We miss you! The work ethic, design conviction,and ability to collaborate on a team (and to lead it) that you brought to the garden project at Jaaga kicked the whole project up a few notches, not to mention your skills in Sketchup and your ability to invent new siphoning systems and fine tune the details of other people’s visions to make them practical and real!! Thanks for keeping the beats!”

Allison Kudla ( Artist and Teacher at Shristi Design School )
“During Fabian’s time at Jaaga, I was facilitating a workshop with students from the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. The purpose of the class was to gain exposure on what it is like to work on a real-world project for sustainable and living architecture and design. We were really lucky to have the opportunity to have Fabian as part of our working group. His range of talents from graphic design, photography, architectural design, 3-D modeling and mechanical engineering were impressive. He was also very detail-oriented and helped keep the group focused on the logistical and practical realities of the project but without lacking any of the innovation and vision essential in doing a large-scale and experimental design project like the Living Building. And on top of all of that work ethic and amazing talent and skill, he had really great taste in music and was a really fun and thoughtful person to spend time with and be around. I sincerely hope I get to work with Fabian again someday!”


Si Juan ( Vize President of Kuala Lumpur Design Week / CEO of Big Bros Workshop / Publisher of Territörry Magazine )
“Fabian is a bona fide great journey man/traveller. When I first got his e-mail, he had volunteered to photograph and do a write-up promoting KL Design Week 2010. Without caring about the intense heat of our country, he flew all the way down to Kuala Lumpur from Shanghai just to help us out. Everything he did, he did with all his heart whether it was blogging on his site or sharing his experiences with us from what and where he had learned and visited. One day, if ever an airplane permits him to park and drop him off while passing trough Malaysia, I would like to have him back to work on my other design projects.”

Azielahaneem Idris ( Art Director )
“I always imagine myself going places and pursuing a career in the design industry far far away from home and constantly traveling around the globe, but I don’t really have the guts to go for it. Being afraid and worrying about so many things.

Having met and worked alongside Fabsn during the Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2010 totally changed my perception! He proved that even if you’re out of place or in the middle of nowhere, you can still do great things too! It’s not the location, but your determination and desire that matters!”


Libin Chen ( CEO DCA Shanghai )
“Mr. Koerner…was a very interested and open-minded person, who unfailingly, thoroughly and conscientiously fulfilled the assignment asked of him to our most satisfaction. He has the ability to quickly familiarize himself with complicated situations. Particularly to be recommended is his superior readiness for work, as well as his talent for remaining goal oriented and concentrated in stressful working environments.”

“Fabian not only satisfied us technically, but was also very valued by his colleagues due to his active and coorperative presence as a competent and attentive employee.”

“Fabian Sixtus Koerner, whom we gladly further recommend as an extremely talented architect, left our office in order to continue his journey.”

“We would like to thank Fabian for his collaboration with us and wish him all the best and further success with the rest of his career.”

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