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What can I say other than this: It has been a tremendous time since the book was released half a year ago. Loads of readings and talks all over Germany, meeting interested and interesting people in areas that I have never been before. What an adventure here in my home country.

What happened in numbers?
One week after „Journeyman“ started to be sold in bookstores it entered the most relevant bestseller list in Germany ( SPIEGEL Bestseller-list ) ranked 16th place in the paperback/non-fiction category. Most of the bestseller titles are heavily advertised before release, they start on top and slowly climb down the ranks. Not this one. The following week it fell down to 19 and everyone thought that it will be a short visit in that list.
But then some magic happened that I still can’t believe. The book climbed and climbed week after week until it suddenly hit rank 3 – the podium!

It has been 31 constant weeks of being a bestseller ever since and 23 weeks within the Top 5. This is just unbelievable and unexpected and I thank everyone out there who bought the book, gave the book to others as a present and told everyone about it. Because if this wasn’t magic it must have been the word-of-mouth advertising. THANK YOU!

Bestseller history of “Journeyman” – click photo for bigger size.

I can say I am happy with everything – almost. There is one thing that is bothering me. I was writing the blog mostly in english and I made friends all over the world in that language so of course I want you guys to be able to read it. There is a korean and a chinese version of the book in the making but there is no english version. That is one of the things I am working on right now and I will not quit till it’s out there. These days I am waiting for replies of different international publishers – keep your fingers crossed. But if that doesn’t work out, I am planning to start a crowdfunding campaign that will pay for a professional translation by a native speaker. And if that doesn’t work out … well, I will find a way!

Looking forward to see each and everyone again in future travels. If you are planning to come to Berlin, please let me know.


A little advertising for a friend.
Pablo is an illustrator from Argentina and fellow traveler. We met in Malaysia when he was on his project travels called “illustration around the world“. Meanwhile he is very close to publish his comic travel book “Pablo Bear goes to Asia”. Only a few percent missing for a successful campaign. Check it out and fund if you like it.

I am a Comic Character – click photo for bigger size.

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