// Short update // End of June I came back to Berlin and finished the work on my book. Lots of edits and text makeovers and the complete inside and outside design I did during the past three months in german summer. “Journeyman” is going to be released soon and exactly today the actual print starts.

Definitely a day worth for a new article when I tell you about the meeting I had last week with two other world traveling designers. Cagri from Turkey is a high speed traveler and adrenaline junky who must be the Journeyman with the most visited places in the shortest time. It’s over 30 Jobs he already had and still traveling.
Pablo from Argentina is an illustrator who is working on a book about his travels, too. Not just any book, he is drawing his trip – we will see his travel comic with the main character Pablo Bear hopefully very soon.

It was great to talk about our experiences. And we almost didn’t do the movie scenes we wanted to do because we were talking and talking and talking and totally forgot the time. I think that’s how such a meeting is supposed to be. Anyways I’m glad we managed to share a little of that meeting.

So long everybody, count the days. “Journeyman” will be in stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on November 11th.

Yours truly

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  1. Armand on Montag 14, 2013

    Very cool! Ask anyone about travelling and/or their experiences or anything related to that, and you will get a different answer from everyone. I really like that.