Pretty much exactly two years ago I went to Cuba together with US American photographer Daniel Castro. I usually upload my videos soon after I visited a country but there were some problems. Let’s say, Cuba made it difficult for me to publish anything. You will know what I am talking about after you read the book.

So why this video now? After each chapter in the book there will be a qr-Code leading you to a video about the described country. And Cuba was missing – that’s why.

And there are news about the book too. Recently one chapter was released on and ever since I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback I constantly get. I even make it to the quote of the week. It’s the first small load off my chest. The excitement is gigantic and the tensity even bigger. Only three weeks to go and the whole load will be gone. Mark the date: On November 11th “Journeyman – 1 Mann, 5 Kontinente und jede Menge Jobs” will be in book stores across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


// WARNING: You may not want to read the preview chapter because it starts in the middle of the story. You may want to read the humongous amount of reviews though //

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