Despite all my affirmation about “not having anything done” in the Dominican Republic, except for traveling the country and surfing and living the life in general, I can present you a small doco clip from a night in a cock fighting arena in the capitol Santo Domingo.

I had a crazy night at the arena and the story that follows this evening is even crazier. And even though this would be a story worth telling I kinda have the feeling it might be misplaced here, right after you saw the video. I decided to not tell the story on my blog. If you wanna know, ask me in person…it’s worth it!

As most of you know, I am staying in Colombia at the moment, looking for a job. So if there’s anyone out there with a contact in design, photography/videography, architecture or has contact to companies/communities/festivals in the creative fields…you know what to do.

It’s gonna be my last job. Yes, job no. 15 on continent no. 6. In april I will return to germany to work with what I have. Writing the book about what happened to me within those years, giving lectures about the things I learned and prepare exhibitions to show what I saw and captured with my camera(s).

I am in a strange mood, I tell you. The end is near ( not talking about 2012 Maya horseapples ). And I realize it more each day. I am looking forward to it but also already have this sentimental feeling growing that you always have when a journey is soon to be over.

Wish me luck for the last chapter.


( for the german speaking fellows out there: check out the interview I recently gave to travel mag MERIAN )

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  1. Cara Wilwerding on Montag 27, 2012

    Hi there, my name’s Cara Wilwerding and I’m a journalism student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA. This December I will be traveling to the Dominican Republic with a group of photojournalism students in order to document the lives of those in need. We’re currently researching story ideas and looking for sources that may be able to help us. 
    I’ve been reading about cockfighting and I’m absolutely fascinated. I’m hoping to pursue a story on this topic. I’d be extremely grateful for any help you could give me, such as where to look for sources, cockfighting arenas or anything else. Do you happen to know of any NGOs or journalists in the DR who are familiar with this topic? If there is any information that you think may be helpful, please send it my way. 
    Finally, if you’d like to discuss this project further over the phone, please feel free to call me, or include your phone number so I can call you. My number in the United States is (402) 594-7173.
    Thank you so much for your help.
    Cara Wilwerding