2 years ago, on January 25th 2010, I was sitting in a plane to Shanghai. It was the start of an amazing journey – click picture to enlarge

The order of travelled cities:
Frankfurt ( pink dot ) > Shanghai > Hangzhou > Kuala Lumpur > Perhentian Island > Kuala Lumpur > Mumbai > Dehli > Himachal Pradesh > Kashmir > Ladakh > Punjab > Delhi > Bangalore > Mumbai > Kuweit > Cairo > Alexandria > Cairo > Frankfurt > Hamburg > Copenhagen > Hamburg > Frankfurt > Addis Ababa > Bishoftu > Addis Ababa > Frankfurt > Hamburg > Ildved > Copenhagen > Hamburg > St. Gallen > Frankfurt > Bangalore > Kuala Lumpur > Brisbane > Rainbow Beach > Agnes Waters > Taroom > Brisbane > Kuala Lumpur > Perhentian Island > Kuala Lumpur > Frankfurt > Berlin > Frankfurt > San Francisco > Phoenix > Cancun > Havanna > Vinales > Havanna > Santo Domingo > Las Terenas > Cabarete > Barahona > Santo Domingo ( blue dot )

What a trip. Some might wonder how it is possible to only have that many cities on the map after traveling for 2 years. A lot of people ask me if I went to this or that place to visit and when I said “no” they were always like “why not, you’re traveling to the country and didn’t see this spot?”

The answer is easy. I am not a tourist. I don’t go to places to see things I’m going to places to live them. I stay with the people I work for which automatically means that I am living their lifes. If they go out a lot, I go out a lot. If they work a lot I work a lot. If they drink a lot I drink a lot and if they don’t go out or work or drink at all, I do the same.

It’s not about visiting the sights of a location, it’s all about the interaction of myself with the city I live in and the people I hang out with. Sometimes I assimilate within hours and sometimes it takes weeks to get used to a particular lifestyle.

The bottom line is that I didn’t just visit 36 cities on 5 continents in 15 different countries, but that I lived almost a dozen different lifes within those two years.

And it’s not over yet. What was planned as a 2 years travel has to be extended for a couple of weeks/months. Things happen that you can’t plan and other things happen that you can expect but not avoid. I recently ran out of money. Not a big deal considering the fact that I have the greatest place in the Caribbean to stay for free and living a fantastic life.

I concentrated on doing a small side job for a german company the past few weeks to have enough money to continue traveling. And what a surprise, on my 2nd anniversary the money appears on my account and I am able to finish my amazing journey with the grand final. South America is awaiting me as the last ( populated ) continent to fulfill my task of working on all continents within this trip.

Apart from the job I concentrated on living the life so I started surfing and saw a lot of this chillaxed country. It’s gonna be hard to leave and get back on the road and some random couch.

You’ll here from me


Photo © Elena from Ali’s Surfcamp in Cabarete. More surf pictures in the photo section
- click picture to enlarge

Cabarete Surfcamp

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  1. Balti on Donnerstag 26, 2012

    Baltasar Gracian: “Do pleasant things yourself, but unpleasant things through others.”

  2. Frank on Donnerstag 26, 2012

    Wow, soeben den Bericht auf SPON gelesen und das Video über Bangalore gesehen. Ich war erst einige Zeit auf den Philippinen, um zu schauen: Wo auf dieser Welt lässt es sich gut übers Netz arbeiten. Aber dein Trip ist nochmals so richtig geil. Kompliment! And welcome back home :)

  3. fabsn on Donnerstag 26, 2012

    Danke Frank. Und viel Erfolg bei deiner eigenen suche nach dem besten aller Plätze…