Almost 3 month ago I was a judge in Malaysian Model Contest AIMS International Model Search. When the winners were announced I was asked to go on stage to hand over the award for ‘Photographers Most Favourite Model’. And so I did. Since I haven’t had planned with it, I tried to come up with some smart words should they ask me to say something to the audience.
But they didn’t.

What I haven’t thought about was the words that I was going to say to the winner Stefanie Wong and when her name was announced, I gave her a kiss on the left and the right cheek, handed over the award and then…well, believe it or not, I couldn’t think of anything appropriate to say. “Congratulations” would have been the best solution but I was so confused that this word didn’t come to my mind. So I mumbled what you say to people very often when you congratulate them for something.

“Happy Birthday” is what I said and I was kinda happy about the fact that it wasn’t captured on video…until today.

Read my lips at minute 6:06

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  1. Leoni on Samstag 17, 2011

    hahahahahahaha you made my day :)