THE BOLLYWOOD MOVIE STAR…a design-print-dance-something-movie against the ban on dancing in the city of Bangalore

One of the projects that I did in India was this video which I finally completed editing. The reason of dancing is pretty obvious. There’s no bollywood movie without dancing. Although it looks more like an oldschool Tamil movie I named it Bollywood movie star so people from other parts of the world would understand. The quality of a Bollywood movie nowadays unfortunately is not within my budget.

The other reason for dancing EVERYWHERE I appear in the video is a form of protest against a weird law, installed a couple of years back from the Bangalore government. First it was the closing hour at 11:30pm. After a while they totally went nuts and banned dancing. Yes, dancing is prohobited in the city of Bangalore. But it’s not so much the dancing that the government wanted to get rid of but much more the noise of loud music. Some more things play a role in that law and how they got to install it. Get your infos about it at the links below.


It’s quite hard to get the status quo of this obscure law and I’m welcome for any new links on that.
All I know…the last time I went to a club with the licence to dance ( sounds so slapstick! ), 11:30pm the lights turned on and the crowd shouted “FUCK THE POLICE…” for around 10 minutes and then everyone left.

To come back to the project and its making of:
I did the Photoshop work on the poster that I created out of one of the first dance scenes. With the file I went to a digital printer and got an A3 format colour print. With this print I went to the oldschool Lithography printers ( we finally could find some place in the city. Of course, they have no internet adress or anything that makes it easy to spot them ) and asked for a real indian movie poster.

One and a half weeks later, finally the artist who was supposed to do the drawing arrived. They first needed to blow up the poster to the size of 30×20 inches and printed it mirrored on thinner paper so they could draw on the paper and press it on the metal plate that would be the negative form for printing. Two plates in total, one for the fine lines in black and one for colour gradients.

With the plates we went to the printing workshop with those giant mechanical printing machines. It was amazing. The paper was placed by hand and even the color gradient was done by dripping different colors on the pressing roll. As you can imagine, the first poster looked totally different to the last one.

Great fun – whenever you get the chance to do that in Bangalore, go for it.

I’m gonna dance and dance and dance

// If you want to buy an original poster from the video THE BOLLYWOOD MOVIE STAR, write me a message. And hurry, they are limited to 80 pieces only. 20€/26US$ per Poster ( plus shipping ) //

poster_original poster_on_wall
Original poster and final Litho design – click to enlarge

stages of design
All status’ of printing – click to enlarge


Wheat-pasting it for the grand final rain shoot – click to enlarge
posterwall posterwall 2 its_ace stories_of_a_journeyman


usual movie poster
A regular movie poster shot by Matt Lee. Check out the small documentary he created about the Lithography printing.

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  1. Christina on Montag 23, 2011

    sehr, sehr geil… wusste gar nicht, dass du solche moves drauf hast! :)


  2. fabsn on Montag 23, 2011

    Ich gebe zu, ich habe extra geübt…

  3. jankthetank on Montag 23, 2011

    I lol-ed very hard.
    Lovely shots!
    Over and Out

  4. fabsn on Montag 23, 2011


  5. frau k. on Montag 23, 2011

    dein lustigstes video, so far – mehr davon bitte! liebe grüße & weiterhin alles gute! sandra

  6. ann on Montag 23, 2011

    ayyyyyy hüftschwung!
    made my day this morning!

    liebste grüße,
    aus hectic city frankfurt in die weite welt

  7. fabsn on Montag 23, 2011

    Danke Euch und Grüße zurück ins Heimatländle.

  8. lebeer on Montag 23, 2011

    das is ja der hammer! ich hab mich köstlich amüsiert! respekt herr körner!!!

  9. fabsn on Montag 23, 2011

    Merci Herr lebeer.

  10. Mella on Montag 23, 2011

    Super! Du bist ein echtes Bollywood Tanz Talent.

  11. fabsn on Montag 23, 2011

    Hrhr…bestimmt nicht nach indischen Maßstäben.

    BTW…if anyone wants to meet my dance-teacher:

  12. Shah" Lensen" Khan on Montag 23, 2011

    absolute granate….hammer type – geile moves…am besten sind die jungs, wie sie dir alle hinterherschauen…wann kommt der streifen in die hiesigen kinos???

  13. fabsn on Montag 23, 2011

    What happens in Bollywood stays in Bollywood!!!

  14. tasmas on Montag 23, 2011

    awesome, dude!

  15. Mahir Anwar on Montag 23, 2011

    Awesome video. Was the last part shot in an area called Shanti Nagar ?

  16. fabsn on Montag 23, 2011

    Thanks Mahir. Exactly, the scenes were shot just around the corner from the Hockey Stadium.

  17. Miriam on Montag 23, 2011

    Jetzt erst gesehen: Sehr cooles Video!

  18. Travel Nerd on Montag 23, 2011

    Korrekte Moves. Da hat sich das üben gelohnt :-)

  19. fabsn on Montag 23, 2011


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  22. sönke on Montag 23, 2011

    sehr schönes video, absolut gelungen, leichte unterhaltsame kost bei politischem protest und hintergrund, respekt!
    schön auch die reaktion der menschen im land, gerade für jemanden, der indien kennt, davon hätte ich gerne noch mehr gesehen…

    gruß aus frankfurt


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