Video streaming by Ustream Vernissage and Pecha Kucha talk – live stream recording ( myself talking first and last ). Unfortunately the first 2 minutes are lost in the depth of the www.


With more than 200 people taking part at our Pecha Kucha presentations and around 400-500 visitors during the day to check out the exhibition of my URBAN BENGALURU Photography Workshop; Music and drinks afterwards on the rooftop – that’s how a Vernissage should be. Although, when I see the live-stream recording, I should have given myself some more hours of sleep.

Check out all the pictures from the event on the URBAN BENGALURU facebook page and please don’t forget to click on the like button to support it. We have plans for hosting these Workshops on a regular basis and I need every support I can get to pull that off. I’m working on details right now with Sam, a friend from Australia, to convert this pilot project into a small non-profit organization. More details to come.

What’s the plan for my ongoing Design-Journeyman travels?
Dean, a friend of mine is coming to Jaaga next week and we are planning to do some street art project. Around mid may I will go to Malaysia for a short stay to visit some friends from the Kuala Lumpur Design Week and head on to Australia afterwards to have another short-term Journeyman stop.

If anyone has some information about projects going on in the Northern Territory, please let me know.

I’m getting a rest.

fabsn talk
The opening speech. I’m still holding the mic like I did back in the days when I was singing in a Rockband – click to enlarge

The work of Moksha Carambiah, one of the workshop participants. – click to enlarge

Visitors checking out Sam Mohan’s work for the Photography Workshop. – click to enlarge

Picking up the prints. – click to enlarge

Day -1. Installing the lights. – click to enlarge

fabsn exhitbition
The last photograph in my exhibition called the Stories of a Journeyman. The Photo was taken during the workshop. – click to enlarge

Explanation of my Exhibition. – click to enlarge

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  1. SimBru on Dienstag 19, 2011

    Der Hund zu Deinen Füssen ist wohl der eigentlich Star?

  2. fabsn on Dienstag 19, 2011

    Kann man sagen, ja.

  3. [...] in the print version of the Bangalore Mirror. I gave the interview about 4 months ago after my URBAN BENGALURU workshop and almost forgot about it. The more I am surprised because I really like what they did [...]