yacht skeleton Some photographies taken during that day. Not ready yet and done with rough postwork only. But I guess it’ll be easier to understand the video with some pictures.

I never thought I would be able to get the chance during my Journeyman mission for joining a company that delivers products for the super rich. There aren’t that many products especially made for this small “upper-upper-class”, but when I think of a product only affordable by certain kind of people – it is these fancy boats called Yachts.

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100 ft
yard pamorama
test pool negative
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Glad though I got the chance to have a glimpse behind the curtains of this far away world. Not without confessing that this world will never be my home. But, holy cow, what a month in Egypt I had. From hardcore night-shifts to afternoon beachsport from no-food-ramadan-times to delicious foodfestivals.

Besides those photographies I did on my last day, I was creating an extension on DeBirs Corporate Design. Defined typefaces for special occasions, created invitation templates including a manual guide, brochures, a new newsletter and of course, a design guide for all upcoming corporate print or screen projects. One month is a very short time for all that so I had to plan very detailled what exactly I have to change and what I would add. I can’t show you everything so here’s just a the invitation, which works as a template. Easy to change background and text was required and from what I heard – the template plan works out. Really glad.

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I try to reconsider the actual reasons for doing these travels after every station and one important side effect comes along that I wasn’t able to realize before. With every new short-time job I start, I have to convince my new bosses and colleagues, that I am capable of good work. It’s not as easy as one might think because you can write down your portfolio and pages of good things you’ve done in the past. But to be honest, I wouldn’t read that myself. It is necessary though to come up with all that stuff to appear serious and, in the end, to get the O.K. from the company, organization, self-employed somebody to join them.

But this is just the start. As soon as you arrive, you have to be fast in getting used to the work environment, the people’s philosphy, language, culture/religion and of course, the work itself. Further more, you have to find out within the first few days how your work ( as a Journeyman in every case ) can be most effective. Then, if you finally found out, you have to convince your boss/bosses and people you work with again – tell them what you want to do for them and why it WILL be most effective for them. Be direct and don’t haver. Worst thing that will happen is that they fire you. But, that would be just the kickoff for another adventure.

The job in Egypt demanded a lot. From convincing to get a good job done, to really get a good job done. And even though you will always say after projects “Yes, but I could have done more/better”, I am quite satisfied with what I could get done.

So far

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  1. lenz on Mittwoch 6, 2010

    ….professional foto-shooting……yeah……first i thoufht you are the slavedriver…but later i knew that they were laughing……wednsday????- WII-Frisbee!!!!!!!!!