jaaga with cows
Jaaga with cows. Photo taken with Eve’s iphone. – click to enlarge -

So here I am, stranded in the city of Bangalore at my new home called Jaaga.

Jaaga is where I live, work, it is what I design and build.

The first time I saw the structure I had a corsair in mind, stranded in this city like I am. Jaaga bears the subtitle creative common ground and basically, this is the best of a short description you can give about this place. Another short description could be “a forward-thinking unity of high-tech and environmental sustainability” but that’s way too long for being an adequate subtitle.

Freeman Murray, a former technologist from the US and Archanah Prasad-Blagsvedt, an artist from Bangalore, decided last year to build a home for creativity and innovation. A structure built from pallet racks ( the ones you find in Supermarkets presenting all the products ) with different levels made from plywood. The building in basic was raised within a day and since then, many details have been fixed. Meanwhile, electricity and wireless are available and a couple of internet startups spending time here on their innovations.

But hear what Archana, Freeman and others are telling about the project in this documentary produced last year:

When I arrived one and a half weeks ago, I first met Naresh, a local architect who owns the ground where Jaaga is built on and provided it for this experiment. He asked me if I wanna join and not an hour later I was introduced to the team as the new temporary help. I didn’t know at that time what my job would be, but the atmosphere and the people made me instantly like it. My first job then was to create a 3d model of the building and to add some drafts for a vertical garden. This garden is the actual project and it’s huge. Eve Sibley, an artist from the US came over to India for designing and building this garden. The whole front facade and part of the side is gonna be COMPLETELY green – a green wall. And that’s what I’m involved in for the next 3 weeks. Concept, Design, experiments with the watering system and so on. We recieve support by Allison and her Design class from Srishti Design school ( I’m gonna be a teacher, Whooha! ) And in between, helping with the new website design, graphics ( I designed a shirt the other day…I show you as soon as it’s printed ) and all over planning the future of this place which is in a constant state of development and hopefully will never be finished.

Hear some more infos about the vertical garden:

To be honest, so far, this project has the qualification to be the perfect stop for my journeyman-mission. I already feel like a member of the team that finds attentive ears and in general, there is a lot to do – a lot, that I’d love to do.

Check the website and the blog where you find loads of actual videos, events and side-projects.

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  1. allison on Mittwoch 14, 2010

    We miss you at Jaaga!!!

  2. fabsn on Mittwoch 14, 2010


  3. Eve Sibley on Mittwoch 14, 2010

    Fabsn you are the best! We miss you! The work ethic, design conviction,and ability to collaborate on a team (and to lead it) that you brought to the garden project at Jaaga kicked the whole project up a few notches, not to mention your skills in Sketchup and your ability to invent new siphoning systems and fine tune the details of other people’s visions to make them practical and real!! Thanks for keeping the beats!

  4. fabsn on Mittwoch 14, 2010

    Don’t know what to answer…I shut my mouth and enjoy reading it again.

  5. Archana Prasad on Mittwoch 14, 2010

    Hey Fabian, It was super to have you around, and somehow in my head, you still are a big part of the project. You certainly left your ‘mark’ from re-designing our logo to the cool photos for the website and the 3D model that by-the-way we constantly use – and so we are reminded of you.

    Love the way you joined us and overnight became so integral to our work. In Copenahagen now for a month and will be in Berlin from next month, and when I am back in Blore mid Oct will try to get that T-shirt you designed out for the world to see. I love it!

    Long live Journeyman. And if ever he finds himself in Bangalore, there is now a real bed :) and very very real friends waiting for him. Come back soon!

  6. fabsn on Mittwoch 14, 2010

    OhhhhhhhhThank you so much Archana. So grateful you were making it that easy for me getting into the Jaaga family very fast.

    Have a save and fun trip to Europe.