Black is what you see first. Precisely two black, small screens on top of each other. The only thing to do now to dive into a new weird internet experience: Hit the PLAY-button.
Required: A webcam and an internet access, of course.

Randomly another internet user who did the same as you just did a second ago, hitting the PLAY-button, appears on top screen, while a live video of yourself is broadcasted on bottom screen.

My first experience:
I pressed PLAY. A mid-aged nerdish guy appeared. We were looking at each other and I was so frightened by the fact that it really works and overstrained with that situation, that I pressed STOP – after 2 seconds.
I gave it another try and hit PLAY. A young guy appeared: “Hi”, he said. “Hey”, I said. Two or three seconds silent.”Damn, this really works”, I tried to break the silence with. “Yep”, he replied. “I just wanted to test it, it’s my first time”. My first time, hrhr. Sounded like I just lost virginity.

That was last night and I was exhausted so I explained, by showing him the dark circles around my eyes that started to develop a second corona, I just wanted to test it and said good night. It didn’t last for more than 30 seconds but the weirdness of these two situations wouldn’t let me fall asleep.

Andrei Ternowski, a 17 year old russian student, developed this easy-to-use internet application around three months ago and I’m very curious about what kind of influence this thing will have on the world wide web. Hooked-up users, spending their whole nights on blind-dates, advertisement industry that start to broadcast “smart” ads, and of course…the pervs. Heard about some strange situations. Well, no registration required, that could be the reason.

And where did I find out about Chat Roulette?
I listened to my new favourite internet-radio station DRadio Wissen ( german ). For two days I’m following their segments now and they already broadcasted themselves straight into my heart.

I will try some more roulette-chats the next days ( while it’s not blocked in China ).

Check it out yourself:


// EDIT // EDIT // EDIT //
…one day later

Okay, I was zapping through the “channels” yesterday without any intention of starting a talk. Just for getting an overview of what awaits you.

The result, just in pictures and not in talks, is quite exactly what I expected. Lots of faces, some funny masks and teddybears and of course some juicy parts of the body. I tried to transfer it to a percentage so I took 300 screenshots and counted 15 pervs. I’m not a math genius, but I think that makes 5%.

So here’s my advice: If you are bothered by the appearance of a naked mole-rat ( You’ll know what I mean… ), stay away fom Chat Roulette. A better description of the “why” can give you this video.

In the end I wonder, if you can make a memory-game out of it. Which naked mole-rat belongs to which moron.

Anyway, I also collected some funny shots and I don’t wanna keep this little gallery back from you:

click to enlarge


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  1. Andrewizzel on Dienstag 2, 2010

    Again, what a great blog update from the Fabsnizor!
    You are so right. Your edit says it all.

    I experienced the same as you. But after 2 days of NerdRoulette it´s okay.
    Enough of it :-)

    Keep up the great work!

    Best form Germany,
    Andrewizzel tha Shizzelrizor

  2. marc on Dienstag 2, 2010

    hrhrhrhrhrhr! nackmull ftw!

  3. Read was interesting, stay in touch……

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  4. Chatroulette Deutsch on Dienstag 2, 2010

    Hey Danke fuer die schoene Zeit auf dieser Webseite.
    Macht weiter so. Da komme ich gerne wieder.